Customize Your Stoke Saver Bracelet

To Measure, Do this:

Grab a tape measure, piece of string, thin strip of paper, or download/print a ruler here!

With your palm FACE UP, wrap the measuring tool snugly around your wrist from end to end. (see pic for reference)

Choose your size(s) in the drop down menu! 

Buying this for a child? Measure the wrist and add 1/4" to allow room for growth!

wrist measurement example


BUYING THIS AS A GIFT?  Don't know their wrist size? No worries!

Here is a general sizing guideline in inches:

4.00-5.25     Kid's sizes (highly variable!)

5.50- 6.00"  Women's Small

6.25-6.75"   Women's Medium, Men's Small

7.00- 7.50"  Women's Large, Men's Medium

7.75- 8.25"  Women's XL, Men's Large




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