Custom Work Portfolio

At Stoke Saver, we know how important it is to express your style through your board, so we want our customers to be able to rock that out in their Stoke Saver bracelet as well!! Here are examples of our custom work. Have an idea??? Send us a message, and we'll contact you personally to try to capture your vision!

Stay Stoked

Stoke Saver Shoe Charms in galaxy blue with small lemons in the bottom right corner

personalized Stoke Saver Shoe Charms

Stoke Saver hand-painted bead for The Fun Wheel brand in gold, metallic black , and white pin-stripes, black leather band

This Fun Wheel logo colors in metallic gold and black with white pinstriping, black leather strap

Stoke Saver hand-painted bead in Baltimore Raven's colors of metallic purple, black, and white pin-stripes, black inlay in cord cordage

Baltimore Ravens colors in metallic purple, and black with white pinstriping. Black inlay in cork cordage. Kid's size 

Stoke Saver bead with white background on a full turquoise color cork cordage strap, bracelet is resting atop the foot pad of a Onewheel XR with The Float Life sticker in the foreground

A fresh-looking white Chroma Stoke Saver Bead with custom ordered light blue cork cordage strap.

 Stoke Saver blue and black with white pin striping

Stoke Saver bead painted with colors of the Italian Flag; green, white, red with cork cordage that has a black inlay

Italian flag colors with black inlay cork cordage strap

Stoke Saver Pride Flag bead

Custom Pride Flag

Stoke Saver bead painted in a dark yellow with cork cordage that has a red inlay

custom Stoke Save painted bead in gold, black, and white pin striping

Stoke Saver in Rastafarian Flag colors of green, yellow, red with a red cork cordage strap

Rasta Flag with red cork inlay strap

Custom painted Stoke Saver bead in cow print

Custom cow print for our OW Champ Tyler James!

Below is a list of our current colors (the text color is an approximation to get your creative juices flowing). We can ORDER ANY COLOR you like if you don't see your color listed!

Note: all custom orders are one-of-a-kind, so they may differ from examples provided above. 

Current Bead Colors  Current Strap Colors
Red Black Leather
Tangerine (orange) Natural Cork
Yellow Fluorescent (neon/electric) Natural Cork with Red Inlay
Bright Yellow Natural Cork with Turquoise Inlay
Dark Yellow (mustard)  Natural Cork with Navy Inlay
Metallic Gold (shimmer) Natural Cork with Brown Inlay
Green Natural Cork with Black Inlay
Blue Fluorescent (neon/electric) Brown Leather
Dark Blue (navy) Blue Leather
Grape (dark purple)
Flat Violet 
Purple Metallic Flake (shimmer)
Magenta (dark pink)
Hot Pink
Metallic Silver (shimmer)
Black Metallic (shimmer)
Black (matte)